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Ford Explorer DTC P1507

Q. I have a 1998 Ford Explorer XLT, 5.0 liter AWD, and it's been experiencing an intermittent low idle for approximately two weeks, nearly every time at morning startup, and about half of the afternoon and evening startups. When started, the engine just wants to idle at around 300-400 rpm, and if cold stalls.

Ford Explorer DTC P1507

Occasionally, the low idle corrects itself after a few minutes, and idles normally at 800 rpm in gear, 1,000 rpm in neutral or park. Sometimes the low idle runs from startup to shutdown for a few days, never correcting. For about a week and a half, there was no 'check engine' light, and no code stored in the computer.

But today I had someone read the code from the computer after the check engine light came on, and 'P1507' was stored in the computer. I understand this code is 'Idle Air Control System Underspeed Error'. Am I simply looking a faulty idle speed control solenoid/motor, or should I begin/continue my diagnostics elsewhere?


A. P1507 is "Idle Air Control System Underspeed Error". This code indicates a problem with the Idle Air Control (IAC) valve assembly, harness wiring for the IAC or the Powertrain Control Module. So checking the IAC next is the most logical step.

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