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Ford Windstar DTC P1450

Q. Hi, I have a P1450 error code coming up on my 1998 Ford Windstar with 79,000 miles. I've been told by the dealer I basically need a new engine. I've also been told that I just need a new fuel filter. Had a fuel pump replaced by dealer two months ago, they didn't replace the filter. I finally looked up the code myself unable to bleed up fuel tank vacuum.

Ford Windstar DTC P1450

I'm a female with very limited auto repair knowledge. Any info you could give would be greatly appreciated.



DTC P1450 is "Evaporative Emission (EVAP) Monitor and System". Basically there is too much vacuum in the Evaporative Emissions (EVAP) system. This is due to a blockage in the EVAP system or, possibly, a bad gas cap. I fail to see how this could possibly warrant an engine replacement.

You should always replace the fuel filter when you replace a fuel pump. Maybe it's time to find another dealer or a good independent mechanic.

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