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GMC Yukon Wheel Alignment Questions

Q. I have a 1999 GMC Yukon with 22,000 miles. In April of 2000 I had taken my truck in for its due oil change. Also asked about my tires as I was concerned about the wear. On invoice they have oil change complete, performed tire rotation, and on the excessive tire wear they have on invoice check alignment and castor and toe in off. Removed frame knock outs and aligned front end complete, castor, camber and toe in. No charge.

GMC Yukon Wheel Alignment Questions

In March of 2004 in for oil change, requested a 24 point inspection. I also advised that truck pulls to left. Invoice shows out of alignment. performed front thrust alignment. Tires worn on edges. Remove frame knockouts to adjust castor and camber. installed camber kit. Charged $155.58.

I was told a camber kit had to be installed to do alignment. My truck is stock and faithfully take it to this dealer I purchased it from. I feel since I'm a female and now my truck is out of warranty I'm being taken advantage of. I was told by a male friend that there should have not been a camber kit installed.

If this is so, what can I do and how do I know if any of the maintenance they have already done was done!!!!! How can I trust them?


A. First, I would go to the dealer and talk to the Service Manager. Tell him your concerns calmly and see what he can do for you. These trucks come with camber "eccentrics" already installed at the factory. Unless someone broke one, they should still be there. The trucks are built with a "net build" system that keeps all trucks within a certain tolerance of camber and castor.

If any angles are out of specification, the upper control arms are removed and the frame holes are enlarged. Then they re-install these eccentric bolts so they can turn them to adjust the necessary angles. If the first alignment was off, which sounds like they did it under warranty, why wouldn't they do the second one free??

Something sounds fishy to me. See what the Service Manager says and let me know. I'd be interested to hear what the answer is. If you get no satisfaction, call GM and see another dealer.

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