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Ford F-250 Charging System

Q. I have a 1971 Ford F-250. 360 cid V-8. New battery, starter solenoid, voltage regulator and alternator. The truck was running fine then stopped charging. All parts are okay but battery is not getting a charge. I am looking for the wiring diagram for this truck. Any thoughts on the problem or where I can get a wire diagram?


Ford F-250 Charging System

A. I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is if I had a wiring diagram for that year truck, I would certainly share it with you. But the fact is I don't have one that far back.

The good news is I know where you can get one. Just go to your local public library (main branch is best) and look in the reference section. They will have it there. You can make copies of the diagrams you need or, if they let you, you can borrow the whole manual.

As far as thoughts, that is a pretty simple system so if all the parts are known to be good, then it is a wiring problem.

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