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Subaru Legacy Hazard Lamps Stay On

Q. Dear Auto-Repair Guide, I have a 1996 Subaru Legacy Outback Wagon 2.2 liter engine and manual transmission. I had to recharge my fairly new battery due to my child turning on all the interior lights and my stupidity for not noticing. During the recharge, my hazard lights flashed the entire time and would not shut off.

Subaru Legacy Hazard Lamps Stay On

Now that the battery has recharged, the hazard lights continue to flash, even when the engine is off and the key is NOT in the ignition. The local dealer informed me to reset my security system. I told him that I did not have a security system.

He told me to schedule a maintenance check and leave my car at the service center for the day. I can not believe that this is necessary. I have even removed the hazard light fuse, but that did not work. What suggestions do you have?

Thank you,

A. The hazard warning lights are a pretty basic system. If they will not shut off, then I would say the most likely possibility is a bad hazard warning lamp switch.

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