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Honda Accord Dash Panel Removal

Q. Your information about Honda Accord Glove Box Removal and Honda Accord Cabin Air Filter changing on a 1999 Honda Accord has been very helpful. There are two articles on this. One regarding the filter change, and one more detailed about the glove box removal.

Honda Accord Dash Panel Removal

However, regarding the glove box removal, I was unable to find any information on step 1, removing the Dashboard center lower cover and the passenger's dashboard lower cover. It looks like there are at least two screws underneath the passenger side fuse box for the lower cover, but I'm a little stumped beyond that.

The article says to see step 1 of Driver's Dashboard Lower Cover Removal and Installation, but I have been unable to locate that article. Any suggestions?


A. Here is how to remove the Center Panel.

Center Panel

  • When prying with a flat-tip screwdriver, wrap it with protective tape, and apply protective tape around the related pants, to prevent damage.
  • Take care not to scratch the dashboard and related parts.
  1. Detach the clips, and release the retaining tabs (A), then pull the clock out. Disconnect the clock connector (B) and hazard warning switch connector (C).

Honda Accord Dash Panel Removal

  1. Remove the screws, and detach the clips (A), then detach the upper clips (A and B) to remove the center panel by disconnecting the heater control unit connectors (C).
  2. Install in the reverse order of removal, and make sure the connectors are plugged in properly.

Honda Accord Dash Panel Removal

And how to remove the Passenger Side Lower Cover.

  1. Remove the dashboard center lower cover.
  2. Detach the clips, and release the tabs (A), then remove the right fuse box cover.

Honda Accord Dash Panel Removal

  1. Remove the screws (A and B).

Honda Accord Dash Panel Removal

  1. Detach the lower left clip (C) first by pulling down on the passenger's dashboard lower cover (D), then detach the remaining clips and remove the lower cover.
  2. Install in the reverse order of removal.

That should cover it. When I get some free time (HAHAHA) I'll incorporate all three into one article.

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