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Dodge Dakota Fuel Pump Not Working

Q. Dear Vincent Ciulla, I need some help on trying to pinpoint a nagging problem that's been going on for 8 months. The vehicle in question is a 1993 Dodge Dakota 3.9 liter automatic transmission, 191,500 miles and fuel injected TBI. The truck has been stalling about 8 months ago approximately one to two times a month, until recently it started to stall more often and within five minutes of use.

Dodge Dakota Fuel Pump Not Working

Usually the truck will start in 30 minutes to an hour. Or sometimes it will start in two or three days. I've given it a tune-up, replace pick-up coil in the distributor cap, upgraded to super unleaded gasoline and gas/fuel injector treatments, even had a fuel system flush at a local Firestone.

I'm guessing it could be the fuel pump, and reason I feel this way is when the truck didn't start and the key was turn to the start position there was no sound coming from the fuel pump. When the truck did start, I turn it off right away, turn key to start position and heard the fuel pump whirling.

Is there a way to check the fuel pump? Something that is easy and foolproof? Also, can you find out if there is and excess panel to remove the fuel pump? All help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much for help.

A. You will need to obtain a fuel pressure gauge designed for fuel injected vehicles. There is a service port located on the fuel lines in the engine bay. During this fault period you need to test for fuel pressure at the service port. If no pressure is present you will have to follow the steps for troubleshooting the fuel system.

At this point I would check for power directly at the pump connector located on the fuel tank. If power is not present the ASD relay and associated circuits will need to be checked for proper operation.

Dodge Dakota Fuel Pump Not Working

I would also suggest checking, and replacing, the Automatic Shut Down (ASD) Relay. This is what sends power to the fuel pump and it is not uncommon for it to go bad. It is a lot cheaper and easier to replace the ASD relay than the fuel pump.

Dodge Dakota Fuel Pump Not Working
The Auto Shutdown (ASD) relay is located inside the power distribution center. The power distribution center is located at the left-hand rear corner of the engine compartment.

Incidentally, there is no access panel to the in tank pump, the tank must be removed prior to servicing the fuel pump.

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