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Ford Taurus Headlights Stay On

Q. I have a 1996 Ford Taurus. The problem is the head lights are staying on after the car has been shut off. They come on by themselves after the car has been shut off for awhile. When you turn the car back on, the lights go off. Turn the car off, the lights come back on. We have had to disconnect the battery to shut the lights off. When we connect the battery back up the lights come back on. Any suggestions?


Ford Taurus Headlights Stay On

A. Your problem leads me to suspect the possibility of a malfunction in one of the switching components in your headlight circuit. It could be the headlight switch itself, the multi-function switch, dimmer switch on the steering column, or the daytime running light module, if so equipped.

You will need a test light to pinpoint the culprit. Using the attached wiring diagram, you will need to first test for power on the output side of the headlight switch during a time when this malfunction is occurring. If there is no power present, you will need to move to the multi-function switch output wire and test for power there and so on.

By using this process you can rule out the components which are working correctly. The most common one to malfunction in my experience is the multi-function switch, it takes the most wear and tear due to being used more than the other switches in the system.

Ford Taurus Headlights Stay On

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