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Mazda Protégé Shifting Problems

Q. Hello sir, I own a 1992 Mazda Protégé DX with a 4-speed automatic transmission. The car just passed the 107,000 mile mark. About 3,000 miles ago, the transmission began to slip when shifting from second to third gear, mostly when the transmission is still cold though.

Mazda Protégé Shifting Problems

Two weeks ago, the car began to buck and shake after the transmission shifts into third gear, but only within the range of 24 to 32 mph. The car runs smoothly and quietly otherwise. Holding the transmission in second gear within the 24 to 32 mph range so that third gear engages at a higher speed prevents shaking.

I have replaced the spark plugs, spark plug wires, rotor, and the distributor cap thereby eliminating the engine ignition system as the cause of the bucking and shaking problem.

What components within the transmission can be the source of my two problems? Clutches? Will a diagnostic tester show failure codes pointing to the exact component(s) that failed?

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When the TAT and GND terminals of the data link connector are jumped with the ignition switch on, service codes are displayed by a flashing hold indicator light. If more than one code is present, they are displayed in numerical order with 4 second pause between, lowest number first.

When you get the codes we will know where the problem is.

Mazda Protégé Shifting Problems

Mazda Protégé Shifting Problems

Mazda Protégé Shifting Problems

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