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Ford F-150 Lost Its Spark

Q. Vincent, First I will have to say being an ASE certified parts person that this is a great site and you really are giving out very, very helpful info. Moreover this is the best site of this "Ask the mechanic" type that I have seen. Now on to my problem. 1986 Ford F-150 2WD 5.0 liter engine, automatic transmission and 121,000 miles.

Ford F-150 Lost Its Spark

No spark. I have changed the following; coil, ignition module on the distributor. Cap, coil, rotor, wires and plugs. I have checked the two wires at the coil, key on 12V on one about a third of a volt on the other. What next? What am I missing? Mysterious Ford stuff????

A. Since you replaced the Thick Film Ignition (TFI) module and ignition coil I think it's safe to assume they are both good. When the TFI module goes bad, it takes the ignition coil with it.

That engine uses a Profile Ignition Pickup (PIP) system. The PIP signal is created in the Hall Effect and Stator assembly and indicates crankshaft position and engine RPM. The PIP signal is fed to both the TFI module and the ECA and is used to control ignition timing.

Ford F-150 Lost Its Spark

Since the a bad Stator can cause the no spark condition, and you've effectively eliminated everything else. I would have to say that the Stator is bad. Here is how to confirm it.

Ford F-150 Lost Its Spark

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