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BMW 325i Blows Window Fuse

Q. My 1991 BMW 325i keeps blowing the 30 amp fuse when I use the power windows. This is an intermittent problem. Right now they're working fine but I expect a fuse will blow again within the next month of so. Any suggestions?I don't think the rear window defroster is working either, can't tell because it hasn't been cold enough yet but the button on the dash is not lit.


BMW 325i Blows Window Fuse

A. Very carefully with a test light, see if you have power at the defroster grid. One side will have power and the other side will show no power.

If you have no power, check fuse number 8, 30 amp, and fuse number 23, 7.5 amp, and make sure they are good. If they are, then the defroster switch is probably bad.

Locating a short in the power windows is tricky. Finding an intermittent short in the power windows is going to be more of a problem. You may have to wait for this one to become consistent before attempting to locate the short. In the mean time, make a note of the conditions when you blow the fuse. Which window, which switch, cold, hot. That may provide a clue.

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