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Ford Explorer Sport Temperature Gauge

Q. Hi, Thanks for any advice you can give me. I bought a 2000 Ford Explorer Sport and am having problems with the temperature gauge. It seems to warm up and then it drops back down to the cold area on the gauge and it seems to stay there. Is this a problem water pump, sensor or? Any help appreciated.

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Ford Explorer Sport Temperature Gauge

A. It could be a temperature gauge, coolant temperature sensor or bad thermostat. It is easy enough to check.

Pull the red/white wire off the Coolant Temperature Sensor (CTS) and, with the key ON ground it. If the temperature gauge goes to full hot, the temperature gauge is working properly.

To check the CTS, you would need a scan tool to compare the temperature the sensor is reading to the actual temperature. It is possible the sensor is good to a certain point and then hits a "bad spot".

The best way to eliminate the thermostat as a possible cause is to just replace it. You'd have to take it out to test it anyway so it makes more sense just to put in a new one.

Ford Explorer Sport Temperature Gauge

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