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Ford F-250 Door Is Ajar

Q. I have a 2001 Ford F-250 Power Stroke 4-door ¾-ton. The door ajar light comes on at different intervals and of course the door bell sounds when key in ignition with engine off. Also the inside light stays on. I can't find a switch or any of the four doors to check. Where might the problem be.

Ford F-250 Door Is Ajar

I have been told by a friend to WD40 the door switches but I can't find any. Please help.

Thanks in advance,

Stacy and Jason

A. The door switch is part of the door latch assembly. A spray of WD-40 will help it if it is sticking, but you should also check the door adjustment. If the back of the door does not sit flush with the pillars and sits further out, then the door needs to be adjusted in.

You can adjust it by loosening the screws for the striker plate just enough to move with the tap of a hammer. Tap it in a small amount at a time until the door sits flush with the pillar. You can scratch a mark around the striker plate as a reference to how much to move and in case you make a mistake you can return it to where it was.

Ford F-250 Door Is Ajar
  1. Locking tab.
  2. Door ajar switch.

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