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Chevy Silverado Is Hard Starting

Q. I have a 1991 Chevy Silverado 1500 series truck. 5.7 liter V-8, 185,000 miles, automatic transmission, fuel injected. The engine always cranks but doesn't always start. The majority of the time it does start but the engine is always delayed to start. It has had a new starter, new ignition coil, air filter, fuel filter, injection cleaner, spark plugs and plug wires done lately.

Chevy Silverado Is Hard Starting

I can hear the fuel pump come on when I hold my ear near the tank when the key is turned. When it was hooked up to a tester at a parts store the codes 32 and 15 were printed. The EGR and Coolant Temperature Sensor. Would one of these make it not start if they are malfunctioning?

Also my Haynes book says that my timing is (TDC), Top Dead Center. It doesn't give me a degree to set it. I wanted to check the timing but don't know what degree to set it. The label under the hood is not readable to get the timing degree.

The engine also idles up and down when it is started and after about a minute or two it levels out. It stalls some during acceleration for the first five minutes I drive it and then levels out and runs good. Any advise would be appreciated.



Hard start could be a problem in the ignition system. You could test for spark when it's cranking to see if there is a delay in spark. Sounds like a cracked magnet on the distributor shaft.

Timing should be zero degrees. This is the same as top dead center. You need to put it in "timing mode" to set timing by disconnecting the brown wire with a black stripe. It should be under the relay center cover or under the dash near glove box.

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