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Buick Regal Has A High Idle Problem

Q. Dear Vincent, I have a 1991 Buick Regal 3.8 liter V-6, automatic transmission, 112,000 miles, fuel injection, disc brakes, P/S, A/C, CC and rack and pinion steering. Service Engine Soon (SES) light comes on. Accelerator stuck very high idle. It happens when I have the air conditioner on. Took it to the dealer. Did a diagnostic and found a code 21. They replaced the TPS and wiring connectors.

Buick Regal Has A High Idle Problem

Worked fine for awhile but the high idle and SES light came back. Again took it to the dealer. While they were performing a diagnostic for a code 22, idle went up and stayed at 1,500 rpms.

Tried to override with scan tool, ECM unable to control the idle air controller. Removed IAC tested it. Moves in and out okay. Reinstalled IAC. Faulty ECM replaced ECM. Again worked okay for awhile. High idle came back and SES light comes on intermittent. Went back to the dealer.

While checking for accelerator sticking found engine mounts broken causing engine to lift and delay on acceleration. Have not yet fixed engine mounts. Does the engine mounts have something to do with the high idle/accelerator sticking?

And why does the high idle happens when I'm using my air conditioner? I will be taking it back to the dealer. Do you have any idea's what might be causing my high idle/accelerator sticking? Need your help.


A. If indeed the motor mounts are BROKEN, I would ask them to look for any wire harnesses that may have been damaged by the engine rocking out of position. If the high idle problem is still the same as it was originally, chances are that it's a wire problem somewhere. If an IAC wire were to become open, it couldn't control the speed and could stick at high idle.

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