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Chevy C-10 Dual Fuel Tanks

Q. I have a 1981 Chevy C-10 Dual Fuel Tanks. The previous owner bypassed the valve so that the truck only uses the passenger side tank. Where can i get a schematic to reconnect the other tank?

Chevy C-10 Dual Fuel Tanks

A. Something this old could pose a problem for obtaining a schematic. I do know that this system had a switch on the dash that needed to be pushed and held momentarily for the switching valve to switch. The valve is under the bed between the two tanks. Also I had a friend who had a similar problem and after he got it to work found out why the previous owner did it. The second tank was rotted out and leaked all the fuel out as soon as he put it in!

Chevy C-10 Dual Fuel Tanks

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