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BMW 740i Diagnostic Codes

Q. Hi Mr. Vincent Ciulla, I have some question I want you to answer please? First, I have 1995 BMW 740i and I want to display the trouble codes that had been stored in DME. I entered in your site and I used the method that you have mentioned there, but nothing happened. I mean the flash light didn`t flash.

BMW 740i  Diagnostic Codes

So what is the problem? Second, I want to know how can i reset the fault code that stored in DME without scan tool.

Thank You,
Mr. M. J.

A. The procedure is the correct one. Switch the ignition to the run "ON" position and depress the accelerator pedal five (5) times to the wide open throttle position within five (5) seconds. So if you performed the procedure and it didn't work, there are two possibilities. One, you did the procedure wrong or, two, the Digital Motor Electronic (DME) module is bad.

To clear the codes you can simply disconnect the battery. Make sure you have your radio and anti-theft codes available since you will need them to reset the radio and anti-theft system.

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