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Volkswagen Golf Fuel Pump

Q. Mr.Ciulla, I have a 1987 Volkswagen Golf GL hatchback 4 cylinder with close to 300,000 kilometers on it. I just replaced my fuel pump, in line outside of tank, with a used one for the second time. First one I did a few months ago but it recently died and I happened to injure the metal fuel line that is held directly off of the fuel check valve (from the fuel pump) with a bolt.

Volkswagen Golf Fuel Pump

I accidentally twisted the hose and caused a small hole which now sprays fuel when I run the car. I don't know what this metal hose is called, but I am looking for one and I can't find it anywhere online. Can you help me locate one of these metal hoses? Or can you direct me to a web site with further information concerning this?

Also, what could cause a in line fuel pump to die? I mean, maybe there is something wrong with another part of the fuel delivery system that is causing this recurrent problem. I really love my car, even though it's falling apart, and I would like to keep it going for as long as it is financially suitable.

Thank you very much for you assistance,
VW Nut,


Fuel pumps will only last so long on a vehicle. They are well made electric motors but are still subject to wear as they run constantly while your car runs. It's difficult to know when installing a used part how long it was previously in service, thus how long it would last. Often new pumps will come with a lifetime warranty which can save money and inconvenience in the long run.

The metal line you speak of is very proprietary but should be available through a Volkswagen dealership's parts department. Or maybe at a junkyard.

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