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Pontiac Sunfire Blower Motor Resistor

Q. Vince, I have a 1996 Pontiac Sunfire with a 2.4 liter engine. The two lowest fan speeds for the HVAC don't work. I'm pretty sure I need to replace the blower motor resistor but I don't know where it is or what it looks like. I would really appreciate it if you could help me out.


Pontiac Sunfire Blower Motor Resistor


It's a bear to get to!! It is under the right side of the dash near the blower motor. Look for a plug sticking down with 4 or 5 wires in it. Unplug the connector and there are two 5.5 mm (I think) screws. Not positive on the size. The one towards the front of firewall is tough to get on without a universal joint!

Pontiac Sunfire Blower Motor Resistor

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