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Mercedes Benz 280 S Timing

Q. When setting-up my engine to TDC by using the camshaft to tower reference marks, the vibration damper shows the engine at 30 degrees BTDC. Have taken off the vibration damper to check for wear or stress on the rubber mount. It shows no sign of wear and is comparable in markings to a new one. Guess this can be ruled out as a problem.

Mercedes Benz 280 S Timing

The engine has a timing chain, not a belt. Could excessive timing chain stretch cause this situation? Or is their something else I should look at to solve it.

1976 Mercedes Benz 280 S
6 cylinder, dual overhead cam
Gas Engine

Thanks very, much. I have been scratching my head on this for a week now.

A. Best way to check it is to put the timing mark on 0° and look at the camshaft timing marks.

If they don't line up, then you have a timing chain problem.

Mercedes Benz 280 S Timing

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