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Honda Accord Ignition Timing

Q. I have a 1988 Honda Accord LXi in which I just replaced the engine. The difficulty that I am having is understanding what the correct timing is to be set to. The VECI label say "+15° +/- 2° BTDC. The problem is that the markings are hard to read. I see a "T" and also a green dot on the timing section.

Honda Accord Ignition Timing

Where should I time the car at? The green dot or the T? The Chiltons and Haynes manuals are no HELP! Please assist me.

Thank you,
C. Butler

A. Here's a picture of the timing marks. If you remove the rubber cap from the inspection window of the cylinder block you'll see them. Also, disconnect the vacuum hoses from the vacuum advance diaphragm and pinch off the end of the hoses.

Honda Accord Ignition Timing

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