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Infiniti I30 Dashboard Lights

Q. Question: In the evening, I turn on the lights. When I turn the lights on; the dashboard lights at the speedometer and odometer as well as the dashboard lights on time clock and radio are not coming on. There is some very low background light that, but that is all. It seems like there is a different system that is supposed to kick in when the lights are turned on.

Infiniti I30 Dashboard Lights

There are about 200 different shapes and sizes of fuses on this infiniti all over the place. I am used to an older car which had about ten fuses total. Can you help me?

1997 Infiniti I30
6 cylinder
Automatic transmission
Mileage: 67,000
The dashboard is not LCD it is conventional.

A. The fuses to check are number 5 (7.5A), number 18 (7.5A) and number 66 (15A). If the fuses are okay, then it is possible the illumination control unit is bad.

The illumination system in this car does have self-diagnostics, so the Infiniti dealer can plug in their CONSULT and pinpoint the problem with it.

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