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Toyota Pickup Cruise Control

Q. I have a question about my 1992 Toyota pickup cruise control. The truck has a 4 cylinder and it is a manual 5-speed. When I bought the truck the cruise control worked. Later on, about two years later, when you turned the cruise control on it would hold for a little bit and then just kick off.

Toyota Pickup Cruise Control

Now when you go to turn the cruise control on it will just start blinking about four times, and you have to turn the truck off and back on again to try it again. Here is how it works, you are driving about 50 mph and you turn the cruise control on. The light comes on "Cruise Control". Then you push the set button and hold until you get to the speed you want to stay at. Once you let off the button the light "Cruise Control" starts blinking at you.

I have replaced all three parts to the cruise control and it still just blinks at me. I also tried to trace the wire all the way tot he steering wheel to see if there were any breaks. What do you think? I am lost, I don't really want to take it to the Toyota dealer and have them charge me way more than the cruise control is really worth.

Isn't there some type of code for the cruise control light, because after you let off the button the light go's off and starts to blink 4 times, with 2 seconds between blinks.

What do you think?
Mr. Girou

A. There are two types of cruise controls used on your truck, Type A and Type B.

So here is how to test the cruise control system:

Type A

  1. Turn the ignition switch on.
  2. Push the SET/COAST switch on, and keep it on.
  3. Push the main switch on.
  4. Check that the indicator light "CRUISE" lights-on in the combination meter and after 3 seconds check that the indicator light "CRUISE" blinks.
  5. Turn the SET/COAST switch off.
  6. Meet the conditions listed below.
  7. Read the diagnostic trouble code on the indicator light "CRUISE".
    HINT: Indication codes appear in order from No.1.

Indication is stopped, when the MAIN switch is repushed.

Toyota Pickup Cruise Control

Type B

  1. If the system is canceled by a malfunction in either the actuator, speed sensor or cruise control switch circuit while driving with the cruise control on the cruise control indicator light "CRUISE" will blink 5 times.
  2. While stopping, connect terminals 3 and 11 of the Data Link Connector 1.
    HINT: If the ignition switch is turned off, the diagnostic trouble code will be erased from the ECU memory.
  3. Read the diagnostic trouble code on the indicator light "CRUISE".
    HINT: Indication codes appear in order from No.1.

This should pinpoint the problem for you.

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