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Ford E-350 Diesel Has No Acceleration

Q. I have a 1995 Ford E-350 7.3 liter diesel turbo with automatic transmission and 113,000 miles on it. When I start it up it has no power with gas pedal. I've changed fuel filter added additive and I still get no acceleration from gas pedal?


Ford E-350 Diesel Has No Acceleration

A. I’m assuming that this condition persists even after the vehicle warms up. If so, I would check the basics, right down to the point of checking to ensure the accelerator linkage/accelerator cable is working.

Remove the interior engine cover and operate the accelerator pedal, verify that the throttle linkage moves freely from idle to wide open when you depress the pedal.

There is also a TSB out on this problem.

Article No.: 95-10-10
Date: 05/22/95

  • ACCELERATOR PEDAL - Poor or no engine response - 7.3L DIT
  • ENGINE - 7.3L DIT - Lack of accelerator control when moving from idle position

1994-95 F SUPER DUTY, F-250, F-350 1995 E-250, E-350

A lack of accelerator control when moving off of the idle position may occur on some vehicles. The vehicle's engine will be at idle rpms only. This may be caused by the Idle Validation Switch (IVS) contacts not properly closing due to interference of contacts with the switch housing.

Remove and install a revised accelerator pedal assembly which includes IVS. Refer to the appropriate year 7.3L Turbo Diesel Service Manual Supplement, Pages 10-02-2 and 10-02-3, for service procedures.

The new part numbers are:

F5TZ-9F836-A Accelerator pedal assembly with sensor assembly (F-Series)Accelerator pedal assembly with sensor assembly (F-Series)
F5UZ-9F836-B Accelerator pedal assembly with sensor assembly (E-Series)

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