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Grand Caravan Backup Lights

Q. Vince, The backup lights on my 1997 Dodge Grand Caravan (3.0 liter, automatic transmission) don't work. The bulbs are new and the fuses look good (in car and in engine compartment. I thought the switch would be up on the column, but I didn't find it there. The next guess is on the transmission.

Grand Caravan Backup Lights

Would you have a diagram that shows where this switch is so that I can perform what I think (hopefully) is a minor repair project?


A. Do I have diagrams? I have so many diagrams and pictures on just about anything. Cars, trucks, buses, boats, women... oppss, forget that last one. I have no pictures of women on my computer or hanging up in the parts room. I can't imagine how that rumor got started.

Anyway, where were we? Oh yeah, back up lights. Does your car have back up lights? The back up light switch is on the side of the transmission by the transmission fluid cooler lines.


Unscrew switch from transaxle case allowing fluid to drain into a container. Move selector lever to PARK, then to NEUTRAL position, and inspect to see the switch operating lever fingers are centered in switch opening.


  1. Screw the switch with a new seal into transaxle case and tighten to 24 foot lbs. Retest switch with the test lamp.
  2. Add fluid to transaxle to bring up to proper level.
  3. The back-up lamp switch circuit is through the two outside terminals of the three terminal switch.
  4. To test switch, remove wiring connector from switch and test for continuity between the two outside pins.
  5. Continuity should exist only with transaxle in REVERSE position.
  6. No continuity should exist from either pin to the case.

Grand Caravan Backup Lights

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