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Dodge Ram Van No Start

Q. Hi Vince, My wife was driving the van home and just as she was pulling into the driveway it died. It won't start again. I tried starting it a couple of times and it was not even turning the engine over. All it is doing is cranking the engine. Any ideas? In another post you indicated that it may be a bad Auto Shut Down (ASD) relay?

Dodge Ram Van No Start

All lights are in good order and there doesn't appear to be a build up on the battery terminals, so the power is good.

Van info:
1994 Dodge Ram Van 250
6 cylinder
Automatic transmission
ABS, P/S and Cruise Control


A. I'm a little confused, you say it's not turning over the engine and all it is doing is cranking the engine. I'm going to assume you have a crank, no start condition.

If this is indeed the case, we first need to find out what is missing, fuel or spark. Unplug a spark plug wire and stick it on an old spark plug. Now lay it down on a metal part of the engine so the spark plug has a good ground. Then crank the engine and see if there is spark. If there is, then we have a fuel problem. If not, then it is an ignition problem.

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