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Ford F150 Transmission Identification

Q. Hello Vincent, I have a 1995 Ford F150 with a 4.9 litre and it is a four wheel drive. I am having difficulties finding out what kind of transmission I have. I Think it is a C6 but I'm not sure. I have to replace gaskets on the transmission and I need to know so I get the correct gaskets. Hopefully you know off hand, but if you don't let, me know where I can start looking.


Ford F150 Transmission Identification

A. Here you go Andy!

C6 Identification Tag.
The identification tag, attached to the intermediate servo lower front cover bolt, includes the model prefix and suffix, transmission model, internal change number, service identification number, and build date.

Ford F150 Transmission Identification

E4OD Identification Tag.
The identification tag includes transmission model, assembly part number and Serial number. The identification tag is located on the left hand side of the transmission case just behind the Transmission Range (TR) sensor.

Ford F150 Transmission Identification

Ford F150 Transmission Identification

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