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Chrysler Town and Country EGR Valve

Q. 1992 Chrysler Town and Country. 3.3 liter V-6, automatic transmission, 2WD and A/C. I cannot find the EGR valve. I read your response to the lady asking the same of her 1993. Nothing there and I don't find anything similar in appearance under the hood. Atop the throttle body is a threaded hole where the EET is shown mounted.

Chrysler Town and Country EGR Valve

Could it have possibly been removed by a mechanic and not replaced.



here is a picture of it's location. It's kind of tucked underneath the Electric EGR Transducer (EET) and my be difficult to see right off.

If it's not there, then someone must have removed it.

Chrysler Town and Country EGR Valve

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