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Ford Explorer Transmission, P/S Flush?

Q. Hello Vincent, I have a 1999 Ford Explorer V-6 with just over 50,000 miles and recently took it to the local Ford dealership for a recall item. While there they informed me that I needed a Transmission flush and a power steering flush.

Ford Explorer Transmission, P/S Flush?

I noticed someone else asked the question regarding power steering flushes, Ford Taurus Power Steering Fluid Flush and you said that it more than likely wasn't needed and that you normally just get the old fluid out and then replace it.

My question is, could I use my Shop Vac to suck out the old fluid from the power steering unit and then just refill it, or should I have it professionally done? Also will this work for the transmission flush?


A. Power steering, transmission and engine flushes are NOT recommended by any car maker in the world. Some have gone as far as recommending they not be done. And the more miles on the vehicle, the greater the chances of doing serious damage.

Flush machines are a case of inventing a cure and then finding a disease it could cure. Normal fluid changes will do more to keep you vehicle in good condition than any kind of flush.

My recommendation to you is to drop the transmission pan, remove and install a new transmission filter and refill with fresh transmission fluid.

As for the power steering fluid. I use a suction bulb to remove as much of the old fluid as I can from the power steering tank and refill with fresh fluid. If it's been a long time, you may need to fill it, drive around the block a few times and do it again. That's all it needs.

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