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GMC 5.7 Liter Distributor Installation

Q. Hi, this may sound dumb, but it's been a long time since I installed a distributor. Vehicle is a 1993 GMC with a Proform Distributor for a 5.7 motor. I marked and aimed TDC to number one plug and marked distributor where rotor was pointing, but when I tried to install it where I estimated it was pointing at the Number one cylinder, it seem to not drop in until I moved it a few inches forward.

GMC 5.7 Liter Distributor Installation

I remember that distributor shaft end fits into oil pump but can the oil pump move and through this off or am I missing something, please.

Proform distributor just went out and coil, but all I could come up with after finally changing out module etc, was that pickup coil seem to have a burnt spot in it and maybe it shorted out but all is new now with out any manufactures help, so please can you advise. I hope I wrote this where it is understandable.


A. The oil pump drive rod can be turned anywhere you want so the distributor will drop in. Or let it sit where you think it should and tap over the engine until it drops down into place. Just make sure you check the base timing when done so you know whether or not you got it right.

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