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Chevy Caprice TBI Dumping Fuel

Q. I recently rebuilt my 1991 Caprice Classic 305 TBI, but I can't turn it over because the injectors keep dumping too much gas in. I replaced the gaskets and o-rings, no dice. The fuel pump was out so had replaced that. There are no error codes. I noted that another reader had asked the same thing, Chevy Caprice Runs Rough, Bogs Down.

Chevy Caprice TBI Dumping Fuel

I have a fairly new converter and muffler on it so I don't believe that's it. The IAC valve was caked with gunk so I replaced that, still nothing. I took a MAP sensor off another still running car, same part number, still no dice.

I still come back to the injectors I was told by the dealer to take off the connectors to the injectors and try to crank it. If it cranked it was the injectors, but it didn't because when I turn it over, it comes out in a plume not a jet like it's coming of the gaskets, possibly because the injectors are forcing too much gas. Any suggestions?

Thank you very much,

A. Two Thoughts here. One, the injectors are stuck open. Does it spray out the nozzles or from somewhere else on the throttle body? If it's not pouring from the injectors you may have missed an o-ring when removing and overhauling the throttle body. If it's dripping out the nozzles, possible bad computer telling it to do so..

Two, If you replaced the pump maybe it's the wrong one with too high of a pressure? The throttle body needs only 13 psi. Some pumps can go as high as 60 to 65 psi! That would be too much pressure! From what I see here, I would swap out the complete throttle body and give it a try

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