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Honda Civic Dash Illumination

Q. My question relates to the instrument panel lights on my 1990 Honda Civic with approximately 88,000 miles. Within the last year, the left side of my instrument panel lost about 25% of is brightness, no big deal, until last night when I completely lost the illumination of my entire instrument panel. My climate control panel is still lit.

Honda Civic Dash Illumination

Do you think I blew all of my instrument panel bulbs? Just a fuse? Other? Any guidance would be appreciated.


A. I think the two incidents are unrelated. The loss of 25% of the illumination is probably due to a bulb burning out. The total failure may be due to a blown fuse or illumination switch.

So the logical thing to do first is check all the fuses with a test light or meter to make sure they are good. If it is only the instrument panel lights, and all the rest of the lights work and dim properly, then you have a bad printed circuit board in the instrument cluster.

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