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Nissan Quest Thermostat Replacement

Q. Good afternoon. Could you please give me some information on how to replace, and the location of the thermostat for my 1995 Nissan Quest?


Nissan Quest Thermostat Replacement

A. Piece of cake! Here's how to do it. Follow the upper radiator hose back to the thermostat housing. It's between the timing belt covers.


  1. Drain engine coolant.
  2. Remove water hose from water outlet housing.
  3. Remove water outlet housing, then take out thermostat.


  1. Use a scraper to remove old liquid gasket from water outlet housing.
  2. Apply a continuous bead of liquid gasket to mating surface of water outlet housing.
  3. Use Genuine Liquid Gasket or equivalent.
  4. Install thermostat with jiggle valve or air bleeder at upper side.
  5. Install water outlet housing.
  6. Install water hose to water outlet housing.
  7. Refill engine coolant.
  8. After installation, run engine for a few minutes, and check for leaks

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