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Jeep Grand Cherokee TCC Solenoid

Q. I have a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0 liter, 240,000 kilometers, automatic transmission which appears to have a seized TCC solenoid, the convertor is in the locked or closed position. Everything works great if you can get rolling, shifting is smooth and all gears and the overdrive work fine. However when you stop, the engine and transmission are still very firmly engaged and the engine shudders to a halt and dies.

Jeep Grand Cherokee TCC Solenoid

How do I find the TCC solenoid and circuits on the car? There are numerous different sensors on the transmission casing, which one is which? I have been able to find a few schematics on GM, but not on Jeep. The Haynes manual is not detailed enough in either the transmission section of the electrical section.

I have also had intermittent electrical faults on the car, it seems to lose power occasionally, the radio shuts off for no reason and also the cruise control disengages for no reason or fails to engage sometimes. The turn signals are fast despite a new relay and faster still when the head lights are on. The horn works when it feels like it (rarely..) the list goes on. All of the problems seem to come back to power supply fault somewhere.

When I ran the diagnostic on the 'check engine' light, it came back with 12 then 55. No help there directly with the TCC, but could a bad ground or similar cause this problem?

Thanks for any help you can give me,


The TCC Solenoid is number (3) in the diagram below. It is attached to the transmission valve body.

As for the intermittent electrical faults, the best thing to do is get a wiring diagram and see what all these different systems have in common. That commonality would be the most likely place to find the cause.

Jeep Grand Cherokee TCC Solenoid

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