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Ford Expedition Has A Horn Problem

Q. I have read your responses to other questions about horns that do not work. I have a 2000 Ford Expedition. When you try to sound the horn, you can hear a clicking noise. Even when you try to push the panic button on the auto key ring, you just get a clicking noise. I have tried to locate the horn relay but according to my owners manual, I do not find a slot for the horn relay in my box with the other relays.

Ford Expedition Has A Horn Problem

Do you know where it might be? I have already checked my fuse for the horn and it is good.

Thank you for your help,


The clicking noise you are hearing when you activate the horn button is likely to be the horn relay. Thus I suspect that you either have a bad connection at the actual horn(s) or the horn(s) have come loose causing them to break contact with ground.

Using an assistant you can pull the connector off of the horn and connect a test light to it. Have the assistant press the horn button, if the light activates you are getting voltage. Inspect the connector on the harness and the horn for corrosion and looseness.

If none of these are apparent check the horn mounting for tightness. If all appears well and they still don’t work, you will need to renew the horns.

The horn relay is located in the RPO Relay Block #1, which is located in the dash, above the passenger air bag.

Ford Expedition Has A Horn Problem

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