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Chevy Cavalier Loses Power, Runs Hot

Q. Hello, I have been having problems with my 1999 Chevy Cavalier Z-24. It is a 2.4 liter engine and 5-speed transmission. It has ABS and cruise. When it is cooler outside, it works okay. But during the normal warm or hot days it kind of loses power as I'm driving. If I leave it idle, the car would just die after a few minutes.

Chevy Cavalier Loses Power, Runs Hot

Most of the time it happens when I'm accelerating or going at slow speeds the car jerks back and forward and loses power. I put the pedal to the end but the more I seem to press it the slower the car goes. I could press the gas pedal all I want but it won't go. I have to shut the car off for a few minutes then go.

Then it would just happen again at the next stop sign or traffic lights. This has become a nuisance. My Check Engine Light is on. Brought it to different garages and got different solutions. One says fuel pump one says electric cooling fan, but I did notice that under the hood, in the fuse box, the fuse for the cooling fan is burnt. I keep changing it but it burns in the matter of minutes.

Sometimes when I'm driving high speeds (70 to 90 kph) the car would just lose power and slow to a stop. It wouldn't stall unless I leave it idle. What's doing this??? Please help me!

A. If you leave it "just idle" there is not enough air flowing through the radiator to keep it cool. This means the cooling fan has to take over which it can't if the fuse is burnt. NOT GOOD!

There must be a short in the cooling fan circuit and needs to be looked at fast. Otherwise you risk PERMANENT ENGINE DAMAGE if it hasn't happened already.

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