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Plymouth Acclaim Transmission

Q. I have a 1990 Plymouth Acclaim with an V-6 and an automatic transmission that needs to be replaced I don't want to take it somewhere, I want to install one myself. I have a transmission for it already and I need some help on how exactly to put it in. I would appreciate your help.


Plymouth Acclaim Transmission

A. I would be glad to help. Just send me a plane ticket and I'll be right there. Seriously though, here's the procedure.

The transaxle and torque converter must be removed as an assembly; otherwise, the torque converter drive plate, pump bushing or oil seal may be damaged. The drive plate will not support a load; therefore, none of the weight of the transaxle should be allowed to rest on the drive plate during removal.


  1. Drain the engine cooling system and remove coolant return extension (3.0L engine only).
  2. Disconnect negative battery cable.
  3. Disconnect transaxle shift linkage. NOTE: For 1990 passenger cars, also disconnect the throttle linkage.
  4. Install engine support fixture and support engine.
  5. Remove upper bell-housing upper bolts.
  6. Raise vehicle. Remove front wheels. Remove wheel hub nut and both drive shafts.
  7. Remove left plastic splash to gain access to the transaxle.
Plymouth Acclaim Transmission

Plymouth Acclaim Transmission
  1. Remove torque converter dust shield to gain access to torque converter bolts.
  2. Mark torque converter and drive plate with chalk, for reassembly. Remove torque converter mounting bolts.
  3. For 1990 passenger cars, remove access plug in right splash shield to rotate engine crankshaft, then remove wire to Park/Neutral Position Switch.
  4. Disconnect electrical connectors at transmission range switch and Park/Neutral Position Switch.
Plymouth Acclaim Transmission
  1. Remove front engine mount insulator and bracket. NOTE: For 1990 passenger cars, remove front mount insulator through-bolt and bell housing bolts. For remaining 1990 passenger car procedures, go to step 19.
  1. On vehicles equipped with D.I.S. ignition system, remove crankshaft position sensor from bell housing. CAUTION: Remove the crankshaft position sensor from the bellhousing before transmission removal or installation. Failure to remove the crankshaft position sensor could cause damage to the sensor or the torque converter driveplate.
  2. For 1991/92 passenger cars and 1993 AG disconnect and remove vehicle distance sensor.
  3. Remove starter bolts and set starter aside. Do not allow the starter to hang from battery cable.

Plymouth Acclaim Transmission

  1. Position transmission jack securely under transaxle.
  2. With transmission jack in position, remove the left transmission mount.
  3. Carefully lower the transaxle assembly from vehicle. NOTE: The following steps apply to 1990 passenger cars only.
  4. Position transmission on jack.
  5. Remove left engine mount.
  6. Remove left engine mount from engine.
  7. Remove starter and lower bell housing bolts.
  8. Lower transaxle. Pry engine for clearance.


  1. For installation of transaxle, reverse the above procedure.
  2. Check and/or adjust gearshift cable.
  3. Refill transaxle with MOPAR ATF PLUS 3 (Automatic Transmission Fluid) Type 7176, or equivalent. (Highly recommended!)

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