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Honda Accord With A Leaky Sunroof

Q. Dear Vince, I have a 1986 Honda Accord LX with a sunroof. When I drive it after a rain, water pours down on me when I hit the first stop sign. I recently switched from parking it on an incline to level parking. This seems to have helped. Water no longer pours in on me, but I am concerned that water is still leaking in.

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Honda Accord With A Leaky Sunroof

A. Open the sunroof and from the top, look down around the tracks and frame. You will see four drains, one in each corner. These drains channel water out of the sunroof well, through the body and dumps it below the car.

One or more of these drains are probably clogged. You can try blowing them out with compressed air ant most of the time that works.

In the more extreme cases you have to get some mechanics wire and try to snake them out.

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