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Dry Gas: Fact Or Fiction?

Q. Vince, on your list of possible causes for "no starts" there was no reference to a frozen gas line which dry gas might have prevented. Friend claims that dry gas is a scam and serves no purpose in modern engines with the power they provide. Does dry gas do anything that justifies the cost of using it?


Dry Gas: Fact Or Fiction?

A. Dry gas is basically alcohol, ethanol to be specific. The ethanol mixes with the water and keeps it from freezing when the temperature drops and makes it burnable. So yes, it does serve a very useful function. The engine doesn't matter. It could be a little three cylinder Geo Metro or the V-16 Cadillac. Condensation will still form in the gas tank and you will need the dry gas to keep it from freezing so it can be burned.

The only place where dry gas would not help is in areas that require a 10% ethanol/gasoline blend which, in essence, puts in one gallon of dry gas in every ten gallons of gasoline.

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