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Dodge Caravan Rear Wipers

Q. Dear Vincent, I hope you can help me! I have a 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan LE that has caused me no problems except this: over the past several months, the rear wiper has started to turn itself on at random time, now getting more frequent. Now, it always comes on when I start the car, when I change any temperature or airflow settings and always when I turn the FRONT defroster on.

Dodge Caravan Rear Wipers

It runs for varying amounts of time. Its ruining the wiper and is very annoying on a dry window. I called five local auto repair shops and none wanted to touch it, referring me to the dealer, who wants $65.00 just to check it out!!!! Is this really so complicated? could it just be a fuse or a short that we could find?


A. I don't blame them Lori. Chrysler electronics is a nightmare and quite often an electrical problem takes a while to locate and repair. It sounds like you have a BCM that is not shutting off power to the rear wiper motor. Or is picking up power from another wire along the way.

When continuous rear wiper operation is required, the Body Control Module (BCM) will provide ignition ON voltage to the rear wiper motor. When the wiper switch is turned OFF, the BCM provides circuit ground to operate the motor until the wipe cycle is complete and the wiper arm returns to the base of the rear window.

I'm pretty sure the BCM is the problem, I have been seeing quite a few of them failing for one thing or another.

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