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Taurus Power Windows

Q. Here's the info about the car:
1. 1997 Ford Taurus GL
2. 3.0 liter
3. Automatic
4. 60,000
5. Fuel Injection
6. No

The problem I've been having is intermittent. On occasion both the driver and back right power windows have decided NOT to go back up. After sitting overnight it seems all is OK and they go back up. I've interchanged the 3 relays (Ford FOAB 14B192-AA) in the fuse panel and still no luck. When trying to power up the window I hear nothing in the relay but when trying to power down the already down window I do hear the relay energizing.

Got any ideas? Do I need to get the car hooked up to an analyzer?

D. Korsten

A. Intermittent electrical problems are the worst kind to track down. Every mechanic in the world shudders when a customer comes in with one.

Ford issued a TSB on power windows sticking and binding on 1996 - 2001 Taurus and Sables. They attribute this to the window glass sticking to the weatherstrip. They recommend cleaning the weatherstrip and spraying it with silicone spray to correct the problem.

If doing this does not resolve the problem, then you need to check to see if the window motor is getting power. Of course you can only do this when the windows are inoperative otherwise everything will check out good.

This is the service procedure to check the power window motors.

1. With engine running, verify the power window operation by holding the power window switch in the down position for approximately 5 seconds. If window operates, proceed to Step 8. If window does not operate, proceed to Step 2.

2. Remove door trim panel.

3. Remove window motor from regulator and hook up a Digital Volt-Ohm Meter (DVOM) to measure DC volts at window motor connector.

4. With engine running, depress window switch (including driver master switch) and verify a minimum of 12V at motor connector. If voltage is OK, proceed to Step 5. If under 12 volts, investigate switch or other source of resistance.

5. Reconnect electrical connectors and function window motor.

6. If motor functions, reinstall motor. If motor exhibits lock-up, replace motor.

7. Pry the weatherstrip seal from the door glass along the header.

8. Lower the window and clean the weatherstrip glass run with a clean cloth that has been saturated with silicone spray.

I would clean and silicone the weatherstrip before I go and take anything apart.

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