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Buick Century Using Too Much Oil

Q. Hello Vincent, Last year I purchased a used 1999 Buick Century, 3.4 liter V-6, automatic transmission with 23,000 miles. My problem is that I am using roughly one quart of oil per 1,000 miles. It is not leaking nor does it appear to be burning any. I purposely have been going back to the Buick dealership that I purchased the car from for the 3,000 mile oil changes.

Buick Century Using Too Much Oil

The service writer keeps telling me that it is normal for this engine to consume this much oil. I don't buy his answer. Please suggest what I should do if this is not normal.


A. It's not normal but probably within GM's specs of normal. Make sure the correct PCV valve is in it. Make sure the correct oil is used, 5W30 I believe. There may be oil getting past the intake manifold gaskets. 3.4 liter V-6's are known for intake leaks.

Without knowing the previous owners driving habits and maintenance up-keep it could even be deeper than this. I would talk to the service manager and see if you can get him to look into this a little further before he says it's normal since you bought it from his dealership.

It's probably still under the 36,000 mile mark but out of the three year limit but they can get around that if they want to.

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