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Chrysler Lebaron Speedometer

Q. I have a 1991 Chrysler Lebaron 3.0 liter V-6 convertible GTC, automatic transmission, 165,000 miles P/S, A/C, cruise, rack and pinion steering.

The Problem:

Chrysler Lebaron Speedometer

  1. Sometimes when I start the car and start moving the speedometer does not move AND the door locks do not lock. I will drive 5 or 10 minutes and then the speedometer will start and the doors will lock. At other times when I start both the above works fine.once the speedometer starts working it will continue fine until time when it won't work when starting the car. This happens warm or cold, but mostly cold.
  2. At one point the odometer stopped working, but the speedometer continued to work (not counting the above problem). I changed the instrument panel and the odometer worked for a few days, then stopped, I again changed to another instrument panel which also worked for a few days and then stopped.

So at this point the odometer does not work, and the speedometer functions as in 1. above. I would love some ideas!

Thank you...

A. I would check the connector on the Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS)/Distance Sensor. The terminal ends have been known to corrode and loosen up causing all kinds of speedometer and cruise control problems. There is a repair procedure involving replacement of the connector. It can't really be repaired.

You can get a "Wiring Connector Assembly Package" P/N 4419586 from a Chrysler dealer to replace it.

Chrysler Lebaron Speedometer
On the right hand side of the transmission.

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