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Buick LeSabre Custom Dies Out

Q. The problem has reoccurred a few times. I'll be driving and it dies. It does not sputter or shake, it just smoothly and quietly dies. Everything dies. It becomes difficult to steer as it seems the power steering gives out. It died while I was on the road and had it towed as it would not restart. Previous to this it happened once as I pulled in my driveway. It died the same way consistently.

My alternator was bad and the battery was shot. I got both replaced about two months ago. It seemed to be okay after the replacements were made. Yesterday it happened again, I drove a block and it died. I don't believe the lights went out (It was at night). I restarted it and it started right up. I revved the motor for a bit before going back home. It is my gut instinct that it may be electrical, but after having the new alternator and battery I am unsure. This time when it died at least the battery light came on. I can't be sure if the engine light came on as well, but it may have.

After restarting there were no lights. All I have are dummy dash lights so I am unable to monitor voltage while driving. Any Ideas?

1991 Buick LeSabre Custom
3.8 liter V-6
Automatic transmission
115,000 miles
Fuel injected, A/C and cruise control.

Thanks for the help.

A. You're right, the problem is electrical and with these kinds of symptoms, it's going to be very difficult to track down. The reason the car becomes difficult to steer is that once the engine shuts down, the power steering pump stops as well. This is normal so it really doesn't have anything to do with the problem.

The fact that it started right up after it stalled would indicate the problem is not with the alternator or the battery. More than likely a loose connector somewhere. That would be the place to start looking. Check all the connectors by unplugging them, looking at the terminals very carefully and plugging them back in.

At this point that is all the advice I can give you.

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