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Chevy Conversion Van Fuses

Q. Vince, Last year you were of great help in assisting me in getting my electrical switches repaired with diagrams and all. Now, in a continuation of my attempts to get my van back to top condition I have a problem with the wiring, I'm pretty sure was added by the Gladiator conversion. Again it's a 1995 Chevy hitop conversion van.

Chevy Conversion Van Fuses

In the ceiling mid-way between the driver and passenger seats is a set of switches for the rear wiring. There are 2, 1 is for the TV/VCR and the other is Ind Lights (indirect lighting). These rocker switches have lights that show when they are on.

Well neither the indicators nor the TV/VCR or the Indirect lighting work. I removed the TV and VCR and discovered that when the Vibration that caused the power window switches to fail happened it caused one of the Cig-Lighter receptacles that are used to connect the TV was apart and had shorted out that circuit, blowing the fuse.

My problem is: I can't find the fuse. I searched the fuse panel under the dash on the driver's side, and under the dash as best as I could for an in-line fuse and also under the hood. All of my efforts have been futile, so again I call upon your expertise in helping me find this fuse. I'm sure it's handy and probably ready to bite me if I just knew where to look. A diagram and description would be greatly appreciated. You do good work and Thank YOU in advance.

Your Friend in need:

A. You are going to hate me for this but have you called Gladiator? Sometimes they hide fuse panels behind trim panels, but to the best of my knowledge they are pretty much out in the open. Look behind both front seats on the side panels just behind the front doors. I know there are auxiliary fuse panels under the dash by the original fuse block. I've seen them there. This would be my first place to look.

Added 6/25/03...

Vince, I located the Fuse Panel For the "Conversion" part of the van. I have a neighbor who has had many Vans with Hi-Top Conversion and he showed me where to look. As you said they most likely would be located behind the driver's seat and they were.

There is a switch for the speakers mounted on a wood panel and there is no apparent reason for this panel to be this large. It was fastened in with 4 screws whereas in my neighbor's van it had different (quick type disconnect, but still a panel).

After removing the panel it exposed all the "Conversion Connections and Fuses" and I found the correct one and have replaced it and I am now in the process of re-installing the TV/VCR. I pass this along to say your clue was correct and to THANK YOU SO MUCH for your help.

Maybe this can help others in the future.


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