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Dodge Caravan Cruise Control

Q. Hello Vince. I want to thank you for your help with my Plymouth Caravelle problem with the MAP Sensor. Now I have a few problems with my 1988 Dodge Caravan, 3.0 liter engine, is equipped with cruise control, A/C and has 141,000 miles. I have a Maintenance Required light coming on with a Code 15. I had this for about two months or so. During that time the cruise control worked just fine!

Dodge Caravan Cruise Control

A few days ago I turned on the cruise control to set it at 55 mph and when I did the car started to accelerate more and more!!! It would not stay at 55 mph. Could code 15 cause this problem?

Another thing is when I go on bumps you can hear a loud rattling noise coming from underneath the passenger side of the van. I had new struts, mounts, and shocks put on it not too long ago. I would say about six months ago. What could this be?

Lastly, Lets say I would leave the van sit over night, say about 8 or 9 hours. When I go to start it it takes a while to start up. You hear it cranking but in order for it to start right you have to put a little gas on the accelerator!

What seems weird to me is say when I go to a store for instance I go in maybe for about 10 minutes or so, come back out, crank the car over it starts up just fine!!!! You don't even have to put any gas on the accelerator pedal! What could be causing these problems? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Take care and thanks for your time!

Wellsburg, WV

A. Code 15 is the Vehicle Speed Sensor and a bad VSS would most certainly cause the problem you're having with the cruise control.

The loud rattling noise is probably the catalytic converter heat shields. The seam where the heat shields attach to rot out and cause them to rattle. Ideally you need to replace the catalytic converter, but I have tack welded them back on.

It sounds to me like you're losing fuel pressure overnight. What you can try is in the morning turn the key ON but do not start it. Wait about five seconds and turn it OFF. Do this three or four times and then start it. If it kicks right over, you're losing fuel pressure. Due to either a bad fuel pump check valve, bad fuel pressure regulator or leaking injector(s).

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