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Ford F-150 Oil Pressure Problems

Q. I have a 1991 Ford F-150 2WD with a 5.8 liter fuel injected engine. I am having a problem with my oil pressure. When you start the truck the pressure is fine, but when I rev the engine a little the pressure drops. Then the gauge fluctuates up and down then I have no pressure and the lifters start making a lot of noise. Then the pressure goes up and down erratically.

Ford F-150 Oil Pressure Problems

The oil pump is less than a year old. The truck has about 105,000 miles on it. What possibly could be wrong? Any help you give me would be much appreciated.


A. It sounds to me like the oil pump drive shaft is broken. The fact that the valves start clattering eliminates a possible bad oil pressure switch. I think you're going to have to drop the oil pan and check out the oil pump and drive shaft.

Ford F-150 Oil Pressure Problems

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