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Dodge Dakota Fuel Filter

Q. Vince, I hope you can help me. I have a 1994 Dodge Dakota SLT. 3.9 liter V-6, automatic transmission, 155,000 miles, P/S, A/C, cruise, rear ABS and I believe a Holley carburetor. My problem is recently when my gas tank gets below ¼, the truck starts idling and running rough.

Dodge Dakota Fuel Filter

I was told I needed a fuel filter, so I went and purchased one. When I attempted to install it, I couldn't find a filter on the gas line. Someone told me the filter is mounted inside the gas tank? Is this true? Is this something I can do, or mechanics only? The filter P/N is: Purolator F54718.

Thank you for your help,

A. Well, it's not actually inside the fuel tank, but it sure as hell couldn't get much closer. The combination fuel filter and pressure regulator is pressed into the rubber grommet on top of the fuel pump module.

Dodge Dakota Fuel Filter

Here's what to do to replace it:

  1. Release fuel system pressure as follows:

    1. Remove the negative battery cable, and remove the fuel tank fill cap.
    2. Place sufficient shop towels under the pressure test port (schrader valve) on the fuel rail.
    3. Remove the cap from the pressure test port on the fuel rail.
    4. Using an appropriate fuel pressure gauge hose, place one end of hose in an approved container and screw the other end of the hose onto the test port to relieve fuel pressure. Absorb any spilled fuel with shop towels.
    5. Install cap on test port.
  2. Drain and remove fuel tank. Fuel pump does not have to be removed from tank.
  3. Twisting fuel filter/regulator and pull straight up. CAUTION: Do not lift filter/regulator more than 3".
  4. Remove convoluted tube cover to filter/regulator and slide cover down fuel tube to clear clamp.
  5. Cut line clamp, remove and discard.
  6. Gently pull fuel down and off filter/regulator, then remove filter/regulator.
  7. Reverse procedure to install. Ensure filter/regulator is pointed to vehicle's driver side. Use hose clamp pliers tool No. C-4124, or equivalent, to tighten line clamp to fuel line.

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