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Ford Ranger Knock Sensor Location

Q. Could you please tell me where my knock sensor is located? Or do I even have one. My engine is pinging, I have changed the fuel with higher octane and new spark plugs. It does not ping on acceleration, only when it is at a steady speed.

  • 1992 Ford Ranger XLT
  • 2.3 liter engine
  • Manual transmission, 2WD
  • 157,000 miles

Thank you very much for your help...

Ford Ranger Knock Sensor Location


The Knock Sensor (KS) is mounted on the engine, above the alternator and used to sense engine detonation. The knock sensor is a frequency amplifier with the sensor designed to resonate at approximately the same frequency as the engine knock.

This allows relatively large signals to be sent to the Electronic Control Assembly (ECA) without electrical amplification and with a relatively small sensor. The ECA uses this information to alter the ignition timing to optimize ignition timing while reducing the occurrence of spark detonation.

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