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Cadillac Deville Battery Keeps Dying

Q. My mother has a 1990 Cadillac Deville with a 4.5 liter V-8 engine, it has A/C, power steering, cruise, etc. I moved out of state and my Mom quit driving the car about a year ago. When the car wasn't being driven the battery would die. She put a new battery in and is still would die even though she would go out and start it once a week.

Cadillac Deville Battery Keeps Dying

After a while it wouldn't even jump off anymore and she left it to sit until I came home. I have tested the charging voltage witch is 13.87 volts. With the car off and everything turned off the is a parasitic drain of .05 to .106 volts.

When the car is started the first time it can be jumped off. But once it warms up it is like the starter is pulling to many amps and won't start at all. It just slowly turns over. When the car is running is runs great. At least it runs like a car that has been sitting for a while. There is also a voltage drop from the alternator to the battery of .1 volts.

I don't have a VAT so I can't test the starter draw. I am moving away again in three weeks and have to have this car up for sale. Let me know what your ideas are.


A. The voltage readings seem to be okay, but I would have the charging system tested at a shop that has a VAT tester to see how many amps the alternator is putting out. An alternator can put out volts, but not enough amps.

Also see how many amps the starter is drawing. A slow starter when hot could also indicate a timing problem as well.

Keep in mind jumping a car and letting it run for 15 or 20 minutes will not charge the battery completely. The only way to do that is to put the battery on a slow charger until the battery cell readings are above 2.50 on a battery hydrometer.

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